Online Course Questionnaire System
Spring Semester, Academic Year 2012-2013

1. Please complete this online questionnaire between 2014/5/30 and 2014/6/12. The purpose of the questionnaire is to collect students’ comments and suggestions for the instructor. The results will be used to improve teaching quality.
2. Please choose the appropriate response for each item. Please leave your written comments and suggestions regarding curriculum and instruction at the bottom.
3. Students completing the questionnaire enjoy the benefit of priority in selecting course and checking grades. Furthermore, undergraduate students who achieve 80% response rate in the last two semesters before graduation will receive two free Chinese transcripts.
4. Personal identity will be securely protected. Please respond to the questionnaire with honesty and candor.
5. In order to maintain the quality of this questionnaire and to protect students from abusing freedom of speech, please use constructive instead of insulting language. The Office of Academic Affairs will delete inappropriate words.
6. Summaries of responses will be submitted to the appropriate Deans, Department Chairs, and instructors to serve as the basis of instructional improvement. The Office of Academic Affairs will actively support teaching in every way.

The purpose of course questionnaire is to provide feedback for instructors, including suggestions for improvement and positive comments on teaching. It can also be used as a foundation for interactions between instructor and students. Therefore, please do participate in the course questionnaire and share your feedback.

Please double check before you submit the result. Once you click on “Send” button, you will not be able to make any changes.

The system has closed on 2014/6/12. Thank you!

If you have questions or suggestions regarding contents of the questionnaire, please email us at, Thank you!
If you have questions or suggestions regarding the online system, please email us at, Thank you!