NTU Educational Objective

To cultivate intellects and leaders with strong character, solid knowledge, care for humanity and global vision who can enhance the overall well-being of the nation and humankind.

Core Capabilities NTU Students Should Possess

Based on the educational objective, it is expected that NTU students should possess the following ten core capabilities that will be developed by the teaching activities offered by the curriculum of NTU liberal education, departments, and graduate institutes.

    1. independent judgment and ability to innovate
    2. professional knowledge and skills
    3. a moral compass and a desire to rectify
    4. health management skills
    5. good citizenship
    6. human compassion
    7. communicative and team skills
    8. Global vision
    9. respect for different cultures
    10. aesthetic sensitivity

Among the ten core capabilities, professional knowledge and skills will be developed by courses offered by departments and graduate institutes. The other nine will be developed by the planning and implementation of NTU liberal education curriculum, the formal and hidden curriculum offered by departments and graduate institutes, and other non-curricular campus activities. The ultimate goal is to provide a learning environment where students can develop their core capabilities and to form a campus culture unique to NTU.